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I (三部分 85)
第一部分 听力 (共两节,满分20)
第一节 (5小题;每小题1分,满分5)
1. What is the man going to do?
A. Lay the table.                     B. Clean the kitchen.            C. Cook the food.
2. What is the relationship between John and Mike?
A. Friends.                              B. Partners.                         C. Strangers.
3. What will the man have?
A. A blood test.                       B. A job interview.               C. A physical examination.
4. How far away is the railway station?
A. About 30 miles.                  B. About 60 miles.               C. About 90 miles.
5. Where might the conversation take place?
A. On a bus.                            B. In a store.                        C. At a hotel.
第二节 (15小题;每小题1分,满分15)
6. When will the boys’ dormitory be cleaned?
A. Right now.                          B. After school.                    C. Tomorrow afternoon.
7. Why are the boys going to clean the dormitory?
A. Some parents will be there. B. It is bad for their health. C. There is a bad smell there.
8. What is the woman’s reaction to the boys’ cleaning?
A. Showing surprise.               B. Offering help.                 C. Trying to stand it.
9. Why do Japanese enjoy a long life?
   A. They have many kinds of vegetables.
   B. They eat things free from fat and salt.
   C. They take in proper amounts of fat and salt.
10. What does the man think long life related to?
   A. Food.                              B. Exercise.                         C. Feelings.
11. Which is the cause of the man’s arm being burnt?
   A. The cup.                          B. The noodles.                    C. The cat.
12. How did the man have his head hurt?
A. A ladder hit his head.        B. He fell over the table.      C. His head hit the ground.
13. What did the doctor ask the man to do?
A. Keep his head clean.          B. Keep his arm dry.             C. Rest for two days.
14. What do we know about the woman?
A. She is out of work.           B. She is good at typing.              C. She is studying abroad.
15. Who will the woman get in touch with?
   A. Those who ask for information.
   B. Those who try to find a job.
   C. Those who intend to learn Chinese.
16. How does the woman feel the job?
   A. Boring but easy.                B. Interesting and easy.         C. Interesting but hard.
17. How might the students deal with new words while reading?
   A. Using a dictionary.             B. Having a discussion.               C. Paying little attention.
18. How long will the listening and speaking last?
   A. A half class.                      B. A third of class.                C. A quarter of class.
19. What is the composition related to?
   A. Animals.                           B. Climate.                         C. Environment.
20. What can the students do in face of problems?
   A. Depend on themselves.       B. Ask their partners for help.       C. Follow the teacher’s advice.
第二部分 英语知识运用 (共两节, 满分35)
第一节 单项填空 (15小题;每小题1分,满分15)
21. Do you think an advertisement is _______ help when you look for a college?
  Well, it all depends. Anyway, it gives me more of _______ chance.
A. a; a                    B. 不填; a                  C. 不填; the                 D. a; the
22. — As a weight-lifting  athlete  , Thomas is indeed too large, I think.
But ________ that, he is still one of the best athletes at present.
A. in case of        B. in spite of             C. thanks to             D. in response to
23. — Please check your answer with the key on Page 129.
— All right. Oh, it’s so simple. Why ________ of that?
A. hadn’t I thought                                  B. haven’t I thought    
C. didn’t I think                                              D. wasn’t I thinking
24. _________ this job, he will have to be faced with the challenging situation he has never experienced before.
A. No matter who will take on                         B. Who takes on
C. Whoever will take on                              D. Whoever takes on
25. Most students’ attitudes towards fashion are reported ________ nowadays in a recent survey.
A. changing            B. to be changing          C. having changed         D. to be changed
26. Henry hurried to the library only to find a notice at the gate, saying “No ________ before12 noon”.
A. permission          B. admission                 C. submission               D. commission
27. — I’m sorry to hear that some villagers got disabled in the earthquake.
   — That’s too bad, but _________.
A. all is well that ends well                          B. the darkest hour is nearest the dawn
   C. where there is life, there is hope               D. it is good to have friends in trouble
28. Patience is a kind of qualityand that’s ________ it takes to do things well.
  A. what                 B. how                         C. which                      D. why
29. Nothing but some ancient Chinese coins ________ in the sunken ship since they began the exploration.
A. were found         B. has been found        C. had been found D. have been found
30. Johnny’s uncle promises that the boy _________ get a nice present on Christmas Eve.
A. should                  B. must                C. can                      D. shall
31. __________ the moment they heard the starting signal given by the teacher.
A. Ran the children down the hill               B. Down the hill did the children run
C. Down the hill the children ran                  D. Down the hill ran the children
32. Sorry, but I still don’t quite understand that phrase.
OK, let me make another sentence to _________ its meaning.
A. bring about        B. bring up              C. bring out             D. bring in
33. It is said that ________ to classic music may be helpful in improving teenagers’ taste.
A. exposed                     B. exposing                  C. being exposed               D. having exposed
34. Many people tend to buy things from big store, _________ they believe the qualities are good.
A. at which            B. of which           C. which                          D. where
35. Frank, I’ve learned your plan. Could I make some suggestions?
A. Just for fun       B. Go right ahead      C. With pleasure        D. Take it easy
第二节 完形填空 (20小题;每小题1分,满分20)
Just recently I had been wondering if there was much point in doing little acts of kindness. So often they get   36 , and occasionally they come back to bite you!
Then, just last week, after a long travel, I found myself   37  at a bus station. The bus was four hours late! So, I guess I wasn’t in a good   38 .
That’s when a woman asked me if I had any spare   39  to help her get a bus ticket.
“Oh, sure,” I said sarcastically (挖苦地). “How much would you like?”
As I spoke, I mentally kicked myself for my   40  and reached into my bag for some money. As I handed her five dollars, I heard low sounds from her stomach because of real    41 .
I reached back into my bag and brought out a   42  I had bought earlier. I handed it to her with a(n)   43  that I hoped would make up for my earlier tone of voice. Getting a   44  look at her now, I realized she was extremely tired, like she had had several months of   45  days!
As she took the food, a look of   46  washed over her. In return, she tried to give me a Milwaukee bus ticket! I don’t live in Milwaukee and the ticket will probably   47  be used, but I took it.
A few minutes later she came back over, apologized, and told me she was still   48  of five dollars. I took some singles out of my bag and slipped a twenty in there as well.   49 , the voice in my head told me I was being a fool.
Five minutes later she came back again and tried to   50  my twenty. When I said it was for her so she could get something else to   51 , and that I was completely serious and I wasn’t taking it   52 , she started crying and hugged me.
From now on, when I wonder if it is   53  trying to help someone, I will remember that woman. Maybe I am really making a   54  for someone. So, sure, sometimes my efforts might not be noticed, and sometimes they might come back to bite me, but they might actually   55  another human being!
36. A. ignored               B. appreciated            C. acknowledged               D. forgiven
37. A. examined           B. trapped                  C. confused               D. delayed
38. A. habit                    B. place                     C. mood                     D. situation
39. A. change                      B. time                         C. hand                        D. energy
40. A. appearance          B. attitude                  C. selfishness               D. experience
41. A. pain                     B. anxiety                     C. hunger                            D. fear
42. A. souvenir             B. ticket                       C. gift                          D. cake
43. A. shout                  B. smile                       C. apology             D. praise
44. A. quick                  B. gentle                      C. good                    D. cold
45. A. dark                   B. tough                       C. mysterious                D. special
46. A. relief                  B. regret                       C. doubt                       D. anger
47. A. once                   B. often                      C. sometimes                      D. never
48. A. ashamed             B. aware                       C. short                     D. proud
49. A. Eventually          B. However                  C. Therefore                 D. Besides
50. A. return                B. show                        C. share                        D. earn
51. A. do                      B. trade                        C. add                        D. eat     
52. A. away                  B. out                          C. back                        D. over
53. A. hard                   B. fun                          C. useless                     D. worth
54. A. difference           B. profit                       C. decision                   D. suggestion 
55. A. excite                 B. help                         C. educate                    D. inspire
第三部分 阅读理解 (15小题;每小题2分,满分30)
Best High School Band Plays Turner Field
    The North Cobb High School Band routinely takes the field every Friday night during football season. The band plays at North Cobb football games.
    This week, the band had to get ready a little earlier in the week. That’s because they played before the Atlanta Braves baseball game at Turner Field.
    North Cobb won wsbtv.com’s Best High School Band Tournament (锦标赛) last season. The prize for winning was a chance to play on the field at Turner Field before a Major League Baseball game. Tuesday night, the band collected the prize.
    “We were excited,” North Cobb High School Band drum major Madison Hall said. “Growing up in Atlanta, the Braves have always been such a famous figure in Atlanta, so we were really exited to have the opportunity to perform in front of a lot of people and in front of our community.”
    The tournament featured 64 high school bands from across Georgia. Wsbtv.com users determined the top four bands through voting with the Atlanta Braves entertainment staff selecting the winner from the final four. They selected North Cobb.
    “We have a number of great students at North Cobb,” director Greg Williams said.
    “We’ve got the best parents in the world,” he said. “The kids are so amazing, they are really bright, talented, and they work hard. They do anything we ask them to do and I really think that’s a lot of keys to our success.”
    Under the leadership of Williams and assistant band director Scott Pannell, the band made its way onto the outfield grass just as Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann was warming up.
    “It was amazing,” said Pannell. “Just going out in the tunnel and going into the stadium. And just looking at the Braves players on the left and seeing them over by our kids, it’s just unbelievable.”
    The Atlanta Braves have once again partnered with wsbtv.com to reward this year’s winner of the Best High School Band Tournament a chance to play at Turner Field.
56. What did the band do on Tuesday night?
   A. They performed at a football game.      B. They won wsbtv.com’s tournament.
   C. They played before a baseball game.       D. They got a sum of money as a reward.
57. The North High School Band turned out the best mainly due to ________.
   A. the support of the school                       B. the huge reward from wsbtv.com
   C. the hard work of its members                        D. the encouragement from McCann
58. We can infer from the passage that ________.
   A. the North High School Band is the pride of the Braves
   B. the competition between the school bands is very fierce
   C. the Atlanta Braves have been admired all over the USA
   D. only bright kids can be admitted to the North High School
Gateway Academy Pre-Sessional Courses
Our pre-sessional courses are ideal for students who have a conditional place at a British university, but who need to achieve a certain level of English in order to be accepted. The course aims to provide students with the English language and study skills that they need in order to be successful at university or another academic establishment. It is important to note that completion of the course does not guarantee students’ entrance into a university. It is necessary for students to show during the course that they have understood the information and skills that they have been taught, and can apply them to their work.
Pre-sessional students at Gateway Academy will benefit from:
Small class sizes (no more than 10 students per class)
Twenty three hours of tuition per week
Individual support and tutorials
Regular guest lecturers
The use of the Academy’s study and recreational facilities, including the Language Library, the computer suite, and the academy’s sports facilities.
A varied social programme including evening entertainments and weekend excursions to popular tourist attractions and cities such as Stonehenge, Oxford and Stratford-on-Avon.
The course offers an all-around approach to learning, and covers reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. During the course, students will receive instruction on important techniques such as summary-writing, analysing essay titles, organising writing, note-taking in lectures, giving seminars and making presentations. Students will gain experience in working both individually and in groups. As part of the course, all students will work towards a 5000-word project in their ow, n field of study. Students will receive guidance from their tutors on how best to conduct research and write it up effectively. Students will also work towards a presentation on the same subject.
There is no final examination. The attendance, successful completion of assignments and participation in class will be taken into account. Students will be given a full report on their progress at the end of the course. Students need to be aware that the course involves a great deal of coursework, which will require students to manage their time effectively.
59. From the passage we can learn that ________.
   A. the course is suitable for students of all levels
   B. the course will ensure your success at university
   C. you can’t go to university without taking the course
   D. the course emphasizes the application of skills
60. Students who take the course will probably ________.
   A. make an overall improvement in English
B. get chances to travel everywhere  
C. teach themselves in their own field of study
D. take interest in making presantations
61. It is implied in the passage that ________.
   A. students are evaluated continuously         B. students listen to guest lecturers every day
   C. students are free to attend their courses     D. students should take part in sports activities 
62. The passage is written in order to ________.
   A. suggest ways to prepare for the course    B. help readers find right courses
   C. introduce approaches to English study    D. attract readers to the course
Why can some people sleep through noises like a honking car or flushing toilet, while others are awakened by the lightest sound?
To find the answer, sleep researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital conducted an unusual study of 12 self-described deep sleepers. After tests confirmed that the healthy volunteers were solid sleepers, they took part in a three-night study in the university’s sleep laboratory. The participants spent the night in a big and comfortable room. But the room also included four speakers positioned near the top of the bed.
During the night, the deep sleepers were subjected to 14 different recorded sounds, like street traffic, toilets flushing, an ice machine dispensing and an airplane flying overhead. Next door, the researchers monitored their sleep patterns and brain waves.
As expected, all of the participants slept relatively well, but there were differences in how they responded to the noisy interruptions. Some of the sleepers didn’t wake up even when a sound was blasted at 70 decibels (分贝); others were awakened by sounds at 40 or 50 decibels.
The researchers discovered that the difference in a sleeper’s reaction to noise could be predicted by the level of brain activity called “sleep spindles’’. A sleep spindle is a burst of high-frequency brain activity coming from deep inside the brain during sleep. The source of the spindles is the thalamus, a part of the brain that sends sensory information to the rest of the cortex (皮层).
Before the study, the Massachusetts researchers theorized (推理) that the spindles are the brain’s way of preventing sensory information from passing through the thalamus and waking the rest of the brain during sleep. They found that the sleepers who experienced the most sleep spindles during the night were also the soundest sleepers and were least likely to be awakened by noise.
Scientists already know that most people become lighter sleepers with age, most likely because older people experience less “slow wave sleep’’, which is the deepest stage of sleep. People also produce fewer sleep spindles as they age. But even when controlling for the stage of sleep a person was in, the number of sleep spindles still predicted their risk for awakening because of noise.
More research is needed, but the findings suggest that a better understanding of sleep spindles could lead to new behavioral or drug therapies for people with sleep disorders. For instance, future studies may try to determine whether diet, exercise or other behaviors may influence the number of sleep spindles a person produces during the night.
63. Some participants can sleep well through loud noises mainly because ________.
A. their brains don’t respond to outside noises      
B. their brains react differently to noises
C. they adapt to the environment quickly
D. they don’t pay attention to the monitors
64. Scientists believe that the key to affecting deep sleep is ______.
   A. sleep spindles    B. stages of sleep        C. sleep disorders D. sensory information
65. It can be learned from the passage that ________.
   A. the older a deep sleeper becomes, the lighter his sleep must be
   B. the more “slow wave sleep” one experiences, the deeper sleep one has
   C. the more frequently a sleeper’s brain works, the less information it sends
   D. the deeper sleep people have, the more likely they will be awakened by noise
66. From the passage we can predict ________.
A. more factors in influencing sleep spindles may be discovered
B. more solid sleepers will take part in relative experiments
C. sleep spindles will be applied to changing one’s behaviors
D. deep sleepers will probably enjoy a more healthy life
Ray’s wedding had gone off smoothly. Everyone seemed to have had a good time. A few people had too good a time; they went home with designated (指派的) drivers. All evening, the gift table remained unguarded. Who would steal anything, Ray thought. He had never heard of such a thing happening at a wedding. But his best friend Aaron said there was a first time for everything. He strolled out regularly from the inside festivities (庆祝) to check on the gift table, making sure no one suspicious was hanging around it.
Ray and Julia went on a 3-week honeymoon to Italy right after the wedding. When they got back, they opened all the gifts and sent out thank-you notes. But there was one problem. A married couple that used to be good friends had apparently given nothing. This surprised Julia, because Walt and Mary said they were thrilled to be invited. And, they actually seemed to have had a great time at the wedding. Frankly, Ray didn’t even care if they hadn’t given a gift. He just needed to know whether to send a thank-you note. Ray called Aaron. Aaron said maybe Walt had left an envelope on the gift table like Aaron had. “Yes, but we got your envelope with the cash inside,” Ray said.
“Maybe my envelope looked too thin, and some thief thought Walt’s envelope looked nice and fat.”
Aaron asked Ray if he had looked everywhere for Walt’s gift. Had he called up the wedding site to see if anything had been left behind? Ray said that he had looked everywhere and made a lot of calls that were fruitless.
Ray didn’t know what to do. If he sent Walt and Mary a thank-you note for a gift they hadn’t given, they would be insulted. If he didn’t send them a thank-you note for a gift they had given, they would get angry.
“What would you do?” Ray asked. Aaron said he would call Walt up and tell him the problem.
“You can’t go wrong with simply being honest,” Aaron said.
“Oh, yes, you can,” Ray contradicted him. “Sometimes it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie.” But he thought about it, and finally decided that Aaron was right. He called Walt and told him the problem. Walt said that yes, he had given an envelope. In fact, the envelope contained $500 cash.
“$500?!” Ray asked. “That’s a lot of cash, Walt!” Walt admitted that it was, but he had gotten a fat raise early that year and Ray’s was the only wedding he’d been to in quite a while. Ray thanked him very much, and apologized sincerely for someone stealing Walt’s generous gift. Walt told him that it was “only money”.
When Ray told Aaron about Walt’s gift, Aaron laughed. “The only thief at the wedding was Walt! I quit playing cards with him last year because I caught him cheating. And it was only a $10 pot! I’m sure I told you about that.”
“Yes, you did tell me,” Ray said. But, of course, he had to send Walt a thank-you note anyway.
67. Which of the following is true according to the passage?
  A. Nobody checked on the gift table all evening.
  B. Walt had surely gotten a fat raise early that year.
  C. Stealing had never happened at a wedding.
  D. Aaron looked on honesty as the best policy.
68. The underlined word “insulted” in Paragraph 5 probably means ________.
  A. deeply impressed        B. badly hurt         C. much discouraged     D. greatly moved
69. What kind of person is Ray?
   A. Considerate and polite.                       B. Faithful and experienced.
   C. Outgoing and determined.                     D. Friendly and optimistic.
70. Which of the following might be the best title for the passage?
  A. A Wedding Party                                    B. The Theft at the Wedding  
C. The Wedding Gift                                        D. A Secret at the Wedding
(两部分 35)
第四部分 任务型阅读 (10小题;每小题1分,满分10)
Parents can help their seventh and eighth grade students stand out in and out of their English classroom by introducing them to newspapers. Newspapers not only offer information on current events, but they can also be used to test your child's knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and more.
Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How
Have your child read the first couple of paragraphs of a news story. Ask them to write down all of the important facts, such as who, what, where, when, why and how. This helps parents to see if their children comprehend the basic facts and information they read.
Parents can monitor a child's understanding of grammatical parts of speech (词性) without a grammar textbook. Ask your child to read a paragraph in an article and then list a specific number of nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions and the like, which serves more of a test of their grammatical knowledge. Encourage them to list each of these parts of speech in a paragraph. Then, reread the paragraph to see if they missed anything.
Ask your child to select an advertisement from the newspaper. Have them investigate how specific words or phrases influence their feelings about a particular product. Then, encourage them to create an advertisement of their own for an item they do not like. Tell them not to show their true feelings and try to make people want to buy this unwanted item. After that, ask them to list the persuasive techniques used in their ad.
Facts vs Opinions
Select an editorial for your middle schooler to read. Have your child divide a piece of paper into two columns, one marked fact, and the other marked opinion. Have your student decide which column it fits under. This will help your child better understand facts versus opinions. Another related exercise is responding to an editorial. Encourage your child to write letters to the editor or responses to editorials or other articles. Before your child sends his or her letter, check the opinion section to see what requirements there are.
Headlines and Synonyms (同义词)
Ask your middle schooler to rewrite a couple of headlines using the synonyms of the original words. Compare the headlines. Do the original versions or the rewrites sound better? This is a great exercise to help students learn synonyms and expand their vocabulary.
If you find your seventh or eighth grade child is struggling with these newspaper activities, it may be an indicator that they have fallen behind in their reading skills. These activities were designed with a seventh or eighth grader in mind; therefore, while they are educational, they should be more of reinforcement (增强) instead of a major reading challenge.


Supporting details
An approach to learning
  71   students in seventh and eighth grades to newspapers can be helpful in learning English.
Newspaper   72  
 Ask students to read the first paragraphs of a news story and write down the important and   73   facts to see if they can understand them.
Have students read an article and list different parts of speech to improve their understanding of   74 .
Select an ad and ask students to find the persuasive expressions    75    
in it, and then create their own ad for a product they dislike.
Select an editorial and have students   76   between facts and opinions. After that encourage them to write a   77   to an editorial. 
Ask students to write a few synonyms and compare them with the   78  
headlines to help them with their vocabulary expansion.
Possible results
It may    79    that a child is poor at reading if he or she has    80    
with these activities. 
These activities, designed for special graders, can not be used as a major reading challenge.
第五部分 书面表达 (满分25)
假设最近某校就同学们的习惯养成问题展开了广泛的讨论。请你根据下表所提示的信息,用英语写一篇题为 A good habit, a successful life的短文,发表在该校的网站上。  
A good habit, a successful life
A habit is something that you do often or regularly almost without thinking, especially something that is hard to stop doing. _____________________________________________________________
15 ACCAB        610 BBACC      1115 CCBCA     16—20 BCBAA
21—25 ABCDB    26—30 BCABD    31—35 DCCBB
3640 ADCAB    4145 CDBCB    4650 ADCBA    5155 DCDAB
5660 CCBDA    6165 ADBAB    6670 ADBAC
71. Introducing   72. activities        73. basic             74. grammar 75. used 76. distinguish 
77. response / reply       78. original       79. indicate / show        80. difficulty / trouble
One possible version:
A good habit, a successful life
A habit is something that you do often or regularly almost without thinking, especially something that is hard to stop doing.
Good habits of learning, such as previewing what you will study, listening to teachers attentively in class, completing given assignments by yourself and reviewing what you’ve learned in time, will help you acquire more knowledge and improve your skills. Meanwhile, good habits of living will make you develop soundly, both physically and mentally. Therefore you must attach importance to healthy food, constant exercise, reasonable schedules and eyesight protection.
Good habits contribute to our success. Once a good habit is formed, it will give us power to control ourselves. While we are making efforts to form good habits, we should try to kick bad habits. Though bad habits are hard to get rid of, yet we all know where there is a will, there is a way. If we insist on behaving ourselves properly, we are sure to remove them.
Do remember good habits will give us a successful life.
Text 1
M: Shall I do something before dinner, Mum?
W: I have to stay in the kitchen. I don’t want the food to burn. Would you please set the table?
M: Of course, Mum.
Text 2
M: Hi, Mary, my old friend!
W: Hi, John! I’d like you to meet Mike. He is from Canada. He is in Beijing on business.
Text 3
W: Don’t be nervous. They will simply measure your height and weight and then take your blood pressure.
M: That doesn’t sound too bad. I think I’m ready for it.
Text 4
W: Is the railway station far from here?
M: Not very. If you drive at 90 miles an hour, it will take you only about twenty minutes.
Text 5
M: Can you deliver it, please?
W: It depends where you live, sir.
M: In Camden Town.
W: Yes, we deliver there. But it costs two dollars.
Text 6
W: Would you like to go skating with me this afternoon?
M: Oh, I’d love to, but we’re going to clean our dormitory as soon as school is over.
W: Maybe another time. People say that boys’ dormitories are in a mess, is it true?
M: In fact, our dormitory is much worse than they can be described.
W: It’s hard for me to imagine. How can you stand that?
M: You’ll get used to it gradually.
W: Oh my, don’t you know that such living environment is not healthy?
M: Yes, we do. That’s why we have a cleaning every three months.
W: Three months? Incredible!
Text 7
M: Anna, have you heard about any secret to having a long life? Say, exercise?
W: Yeah, I’ve heard of quite a few different secrets to having a long life. I guess one secret that a lot of different cultural groups seem to share is diet. If you take the Japanese as an example, and Japanese people do have a long life expectancy in comparison to people from other countries. I think the Japanese eat a diet that’s quite low in fat and reasonably low in salt as well. Besides, they drink a kind of soup which has a lot of vegetables in it.
M: I’ve also heard that long life is related to how you are feeling. People who laugh a lot tend to live longer. And I think that helps you physiologically.
Text 8
W: Mike, I heard that you went to the clinic today. What’s the matter with you?
M: I’ve burnt my arm and hurt my head.
W: What happened?
M: This morning, I wanted to have some instant noodles so I boiled some water. I was pouring the hot water into the cup when my cat suddenly jumped onto the table and knocked it over. The hot water in the cup burnt my arm.
W: How did you hurt your head then?
M: As I was hurrying out, I fell over a ladder and the back of my head struck the ground.
W: You are so unlucky!
M: Yes. The doctor told me to keep my arm clean and dry. He told me to rest for a day too.
Text 9
M: Hello, Student Job Center. Can I help you?
W: Yes, I am looking for a part-time job. Do you have anything available at the moment?
M: Ah, yes. Your name and address?
W: I’m Linda. I live in the building for international students, and my room number is 7 B559.
M: Ok, do you have any skills? Typing, languages, that sort of thing?
W: Yes, I speak Chinese and I can also speak some Japanese.
M: Right, let’s see what is available. There is a position for an Office Assistant at the language center.
W: That sounds interesting.
M: It’s for three days a week and the duty is to deal with inquiries and answer the phone.
W: I am sure I can handle it without problem.
M: Great. I will inform the director of the language center and you can start next week.
Text 10
Good morning, boys and girls. In this class, we will deal with integrated skills. It is designed to train your abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
The class will be conducted this way. The first fifteen minutes will be spent in reading. I’ll give you a short story for silent reading. You are supposed to read without the help of the dictionary. You should either guess the meaning of new words or simply skip them over. After that, try to tell the main idea of the story, and answer some questions according to the story. If time permits, I’d like you to think out more different endings of the story.
       Then you’ll spend another fifteen minutes on listening and speaking exercises. I will read the material three times. After that, you will retell the story. Don’t write down anything while I’m reading. Just listen to me carefully. You will be divided into eight groups and retell the story to each other. You can use your own words in your retelling.
       Finally, you are required to write a composition on the topic of “Are Pets Good for Mankind?” You should write no less than 100 words within fifteen minutes, and base your composition on the outline which I will write on the blackboard.
       If you have any difficulty in class, just try to overcome it by yourself, or you may have a discussion with your partners.
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